Scientific Progress in FD

Dysautonomia Research New York

We believe that the best clinical care comes from evidence-based medicine. Our FD research program focuses on finding the answers to pressing clinical questions through a dedicated research program. Our research team has made a number of discoveries in FD that have shaped the way that we understand and treat this disorder.


Our recent publications in FD:

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Endothelial function and the link with kidney disease in FD

Problems in the brainstem cause swallowing defects and speech problems in FD

Now we now what causes blindness in FD (clue: most times it’s not the cornea)

Disturbances in affective touch

Relationship between gait and ataxia (imbalance) in FD

Finally, a treatment for vomiting and crisis that doesn’t cause sedation

News flash: The sympathetic nerves do work in FD

Now we know what causes the crisis in FD

High blood pressure is bad for the kidney and high-doses of fludrocortisone (Florinef) should be avoided in FD

The eye in FD

Not knowing where your limbs are in space explains the gait ataxia of FD

Kinetin raises IKAP in patients with FD

Afferent baroreflex failure: It puts the dysautonomia in FD

Bleeding gastric ulcers in FD: Beware

Renal transplants in FD