The Dysautonomia Center is committed to delivering optimal treatment to patients with familial dysautonomia (FD). It acts as a unique resource facility for patients and families as well as other treating physicians involved in the care of patients with FD. Treatments are geared to improve quality of life through supportive therapies and prevention of secondary complications. Physicians at the Center have experience in managing patients with FD and work with patients and families on an individual basis to provide comprehensive treatment and health programs as well as education on how to manage FD. While symptoms of FD and their severity vary among patients, some medical problems tend to be age-dependent.

Depending on the patent’s needs, the treatment of FD may involve:

  • The management of alacrima and prevention of corneal injuries with eye lubricants, surgery, custom eye protectors and hazard reduction
  • Management of impaired swallowing reflex with feeding techniques and therapy
  • Therapeutic management of vomiting “crises”
  • Improving pulmonary function through respiratory health and hygiene programs
  • Control of bronchial spasm
  • Injury avoidance in children with diminished pain and temperature perception
  • Treatment of blood pressure variability with physical counter maneuvers, volume regulation or drugs that modulate peripheral vascular resistance
  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Management of orthopedic issues
  • Occupational, speech and physical therapy

Physicians at the Center provide personalized therapeutic regimens to manage the medical problems of each patient. Treating physicians involved in the medical care of patients with FD are encouraged to use the Center as a resource facility.