Comprehensive FD evaluation visits at the Center




Our primary goal is to help patients face the medical challenges of life with FD, as well as to provide support to families living with FD. Comprehensive evaluation visits at the Center are structured to assess the patient’s physical status and understand pressing medical issues. Most evaluations consist of:


Check in and registration in our new medical records system with Lee-Ann Lugg

A review of current medications Leila Percival, RN

A physical examination and review of systems with Christy Spalink, NP

A full neuro-ophthalmology examination with Carlos Mendoza, MD

Neurological examination and gait assessment with Alberto Palma, MD

Blood pressure assessments with Cristina Fuente-Mora, PhD and Lucy N. Kaufmann, PhD

Pulmonary function testing and sudoscan with Leila Percival, RN

Consultation with Horacio Kaufmann, MD

Discussion with the team and action plan


Comprehensive evaluation visits are usually scheduled on a Monday. Each visit takes approximately 4 hours.

It is possible to divide your visit and come on two separate days. Appointments are made through our Administrative Assistant, Lee-Ann Lugg (212-263-7225).


Learn how to prepare for your visit