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The autonomic nervous system is a network of neurons that control blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, sweating, gastrointestinal tract motility, pupil size, the bladder and sexual function. For the most part, the autonomic nervous system is not under voluntary control. Autonomic dysfunction occurs frequently in a number of different disorders. Patients with autonomic dysfunction (often called dysautonomia) can have problems with one or more of these systems.

The Dysautonomia Center at NYU Langone Medical Center brings together physicians, researchers and nursing staff to focus on the research and treatment of autonomic disorders in children and adults. The Center offers an accredited fellowship program to train young physicians and a post-doctoral research fellowship to train young scientists in autonomic nervous system physiology. Our outpatient clinical service is dedicated to the diagnosis of autonomic disorders and the management of these conditions in adults and children. In addition to our clinical services, we have a number of approved studies and trials aimed at better understanding and treating different autonomic disorders.

Explore our website to learn more about our Center, the types of patients we treat, our mission and our current studies and trials.

The Center is supported by grants from the Dysautonomia Foundation, Inc. and the National Institutes for Health

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